President's Message
Dawn Affleck

Fall 2019

President Message

Hello MORNA Members!!! As we have moved right into full autumn activities in MORNA, I thought we should connect with all of you to ensure information is shared in a timely manner. You will be receiving the minutes from the September meeting soon but in the meantime, this will help keep us on track.

Thank you to all site reps who responded to my recent email regarding the survey and status of your site with MORNA. Please remember you can always reach me at I wish vast geography did not separate us, so that an event such as the wine and cheese would be possible for all to attend. For those who were able to join in on the annual fall event at the Winnipeg Winter Club on September 19th, I believe we all thoroughly enjoyed our members and nonmembers coming together. It was a lovely evening, filled with some informative updates from our site reps, our executive reports, and some good perioperative comradery. In order to be transparent about our attendance at the wine and cheese, I want members to know that 10 people rsvp’d who did not attend, for which MORNA was charged. The executive will be reviewing this, as we feel our MORNA fund dollars are too precious to waste. So stay tuned for review of the wine and cheese. Most of all, I hope there were some new potential members in attendance who will consider joining our professional group.

Our very own website!!!!!! is live and being updated as we speak. Please bear with us as we are learning and attempting to get the site populated with great information and resources. This takes our executive team time in the evenings and weekends to get this up to date. Thank you for your patience and please connect with a MORNA executive should you have any questions. We are super excited in this investment we have made to ensure up-to-date information, references, and resources are readily available for our members.

The perioperative survey has been completed by over 70 people to date. THANK YOU to those who have taken the time to complete the survey. I am excited to share this information with our members but also with ORNAC, as we look at our strategic plan to better understand our perioperative nurses. As I know so many of you will have great thoughts/opinions/ recommendations or perhaps concerns on perioperative nursing and our future.

Our next MORNA meeting is on November 28, hosted by St. Boniface and Misercordia OR and we have the pleasure of having guest speakers, Lauren Kroeker RNBN and Maime Duha, Clinical Educator, St. Boniface OR presenting on: Surgical fires: A never event described through experience. The preliminary results of the surveys to date, identified the desire to have more perioperative nursing specific presentations. As mentioned at the meeting, we have now assessed the new ARNM location and have decided the physical space is too small to hold our members meetings and we will continue on at the CRNM building. As always, rural members will receive their zoom link to access from the comforts of their home sites.

Finally, I wish to extend my best wishes to our perioperative nurses writing their Certification in Perioperative Nursing, CPN(C) this November!!!! We are all super proud of you and your professionalism and energy to move towards excellence in perioperative nursing and stay in touch with Canadian perioperative nursing standards and guidelines.

As I believe we are all leaders in perioperative nursing, this quote resonated with me.

A leader must be inspired by the people, before the leader can inspire the people. ~ Simon Sinek

Yours in perioperative nursing,

Dawn Affleck RN MN CPN ©

President MORNA



The Executive Board Members would like to spotlight the MORNA Perioperative Nurses Week

Ambassadors who contributed their time and talents in the production of the

MORNA Perioperative Nurses Week Video.

They are as follows:

Hannah Curtis - HSC Adult Operating Room

Kassie Klassen - St. Boniface Operating Room

Rachell Lesy - Brandon Reginal Health

Vanessa Ferdinand - Prairie Mountain Health

Veronika Zot - HSC Adult Operating Room


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