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We are the Manitoba Operating Room Nurses Association, a member of the Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada (ORNAC). We provide a voice for perioperative registered nurses across the province of Manitoba. Our not for profit association has a volunteer board of directors representing every region in Manitoba. MORNA works to promote excellence by demonstrating leadership in patient safety, and by enabling best practice, career advancement and professional development for perioperative nurses.

President's Message

Winter 2021 President Message

Dawn Affleck

Hello MORNA members!

Happy 2021 MORNA members and perioperative colleagues!!!  We hope you have welcomed this New Year with a sense of hope and sheer gratitude for surviving and hopefully thriving during the year of 2020!!! When December brought the vaccine, I became slightly emotional, thinking of this moment in our history together. Although 2020 was not what we had planned last January, it brought about many important lessons and experiences that we all shared and will never forget as health care providers.  I am so proud of perioperative nurses in Manitoba and all of the knowledge you gained and shared with one another and your teams!

Have you considered taking all that you have learned and creating a poster for the 2021 Perioperative Nurses Week Poster?   The theme of this year’s contest is "Adapting and evolving in a changing world -Perioperative nursing through a pandemic". Deadline for submissions is March 10th.

ORNAC/MORNA memberships: A kind reminder to all that many of your memberships may have expired on December 31st, 2020.  As I looked at our membership numbers with executive in January, we have had a drop of over 50% in our memberships.  We currently sit at 47 members who are active, which is a decrease from 83 members from last year.  I am hoping this drop in membership is a result of many of you choosing to renew your membership at a later date, given the new “rolling membership” option that ORNAC created?  Please visit https://ornac.ca/en/ and sign into Member Log In at the top right hand corner of the page t renew your membership!  Also, hoping that our existing MORNA members can recruit new members into our MORNA family as well!!!

ORNAC Virtual Conference will be held April 29th to May 2, 2021. The ORNAC executive and board of directors have been working very hard at putting together our first virtual conference for perioperative nursing professionals. Although not as scenic as a trip to Victoria BC, we sure hope you will consider registering for this first class event and support your nursing specialty group. This platform of perioperative education will allow many of our colleagues to “attend” their first national conference.

Finally, WE REALLY NEED OUR MEMBERS help!!!!! I would like to invite our MORNA members to seriously consider the following positions that are open for nominations for the 2021-2023 terms.  The MORNA secretary and MORNA education coordinator are open and the nomination forms can be found under the “downloads” tab on the main menu. These are all two year terms that we really need perioperative nurses to pursue.  The other concern we have, is we have three vacant Hospital Rep positions that are currently vacant.  If you know of any perioperative colleagues at HSC Womens, Misericordia, and the Concordia ORs, we need their help with MORNA. You would have great support by a wonderful executive as you lead our MORNA group to continued success and perioperative presence provincially and nationally.

 Keep Safe,

Dawn Affleck RN MN CPN(C)

MORNA President and MB Director



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